Teaching Yoga Alliance approved CEU classes, workshops and lectures.
Teaching Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga and Pranayama for Yoga Teacher Trainings.

NCBTMB approved available courses for Massage Therapists and Body Workers

1. Intro to Ayurveda- What's My Dosha? (2 CEs)
2. Gentle Ayurvedic Tri-Doshic at Home Detox (2 CEs)
3. Nadis, Chakras and Marma Points (3 CEs)
4. Ayurveda & Aromatherapy (2 CEs)
5. Ayurvedic View of Heart Imbalances (2 CEs)
6. Ayurveda for Anxiety, Stress, Depression and PTSD (2CEs)
7. Supplementing Massage Business Utilizing Ayurveda (1 CE)
8. Intro to Marma Point - Vital Energy (10 CEs)
9. Intro to Abhyanga (10 CEs)
10. Oils, Herbs and Tools (2CEs)
11. Ayurveda + Bodywork for the Massage Therapist (Abhyanga Training) (26 CEs)
12. Intro to Ayurveda (3 CEs)
13. Ayurveda Heart Chakra Balance (7 CEs)

And soooooo many more!