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Bliss Retreats

Our focus is aimed to assist your team to retain, attract, and teach holistic balancing skills during a personalized retreat setting.
Preventative engagement with a balanced approach is a win-win for the corporation and all of its stakeholders. 

Serving and Providing Individualized, Specialty Holistic Retreats for Corporations, C-Suites, HR Teams and Organizations of High Stress Career Professionals.

  • Corporate Administrators understand that their biggest capital assets are reflective of its own leadership team. 

  • Our approach allows proactive engagement to prevent burnout, stress reduction by updating current wellness benefits to include holistic approaches which are beneficial to stakeholders and investors and the workforce team collectively.

  • Holistic Wellness Programs have recently sparked leaders to deliver the company's mission statement with an updated vision for the ever-evolving workforce that has pivoted since the Pandemic of 2020. 
  • Researchers surmise burnout to be grossly under recognized and under reported at the top levels of professional business leaders. Mental exhaustion, depersonalization, and a decreased sense of personal accomplishment stand as the canary in the coal mine. Unfortunately, until too late, Physicians have associated increased rates of depression, alcohol and drug abuse, divorce, suicide, medical errors, difficult relationships with coworkers, and patient dissatisfaction, as well as direct financial losses for their organizations, as a result. (Lacey & Chan 2018). 
  • June 2021, 5900 American College of Health Care Executives recently participated in a C-Suite occupational study hosted jointly by researchers from Standford, Duke, and American College of Healthcare Executives seeking to find relationships between sleep patterns, professional fulfilment and burnout.  Although more studies should be completed, results showing a direct relationship to improved sleep and job fulfilment had a direct correlation upon reducing the incidence of burnout. (Shanafelt, et al 2021). 


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